What is the philthyway?

The philthyway is a collection of oddities, trending subjects, humorous stories and pictures and links to sites that have made me laugh out loud, pull my hair out, shake my head in disbelief or all three at the same time. You’re here because you want to see something that might give you the same reaction, so please browse and comment and forward the page links as you see fit.

But above all, please enjoy.

Please comment! I’d love to get your feedback on the random postings you’ll find here. But for the trolls and spammers out there, save yourself some time and go troll somewhere else. All comments are moderated so I’ll be making sure the others don’t have to read your shit. Unless it’s good shit.

Click away and enjoy the posts. I hope you get a laugh like a I do, but if you don’t like it, change the f*****g channel.

Philthy be thy name.

Legal disclaimer: 

No, not really. What would I know about the law, I mean if I knew something about the law I’d be a f***ing lawyer, right? I wouldn’t spend my time entertaining you with little bits of interesting crap.

But if I’ve posted anything here that’s yours (and I mean REALLY yours, not just something you copied from some other guy), and if I haven’t given you credit please drop me a line and I will rectify that.  People deserve credit for making us laugh while we surf.

If you have legal right to ask me to remove a post, then please let me know and i will be happy to oblige. I guarantee instant removal (after proof of ownership is given), and I will post on one of my alternative blog/websites within 24 hours. I like to play.

One response to “What is the philthyway?

  1. Love your stuff David. I actually emailed you re the ‘Flecker light’ before I found your site, so now I’m not sure if it really happened or not…either way, still funny as hell.
    Don’t wish to be a party poop but I notice you have a pic of Marvin the Martian on your site. This is most likely in breach of copyright (Warner Bros or Universal…not sure which) and I’m pretty sure they don’t give permission for their art to be used without a license…which you probably don’t have. Would hate to see you get your ass sued off so maybe it’s worth checking out. Perfect as I am, I have been known to get it wrong… More power to those bendy bits halfway down your arms. Cheers! Owen

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