Slow Roasted Za’atar and Garlic Infused Pork Belly with Boulangere Potatoes

Can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend…

herbs and spice and other things nice


Spring is now in full swing where I am and so this weekend a couple of days in the garden beckoned. I planned our dinner accordingly. Pork belly would be perfect, I thought. We’d easily be able to make our son’s rugby, come home, bung the belly in the oven and head on outside, leaving it to look after itself in the obliging way that pork belly does. Misguided optimist that I am. Obviously, the British weather was not nearly so obliging. We had, after all, had a run of sun for at least a week. We were clearly due a change. But where my garden (and husband- he still went out there) suffered, I did not. I’d love to say that with the no- stress slow roast approach that you need to take when faced with a piece of pork belly I found the time to put my feet up…

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