Australian Women’s Cricket team – T20 World Champions! Legends!

Congratulations to the Australian Women’s Cricket Team – what a top effort in Colombo today!!


4 responses to “Australian Women’s Cricket team – T20 World Champions! Legends!

  1. Watched the final of womens world cup, aust def eng. I believe the standard is equivalent to and no higher than boys U15 general rep level, but not anywhere close to national U15 rep level.
    It will be difficult for womens cricket to progress, viewer wise, therefore, not too much interest from sponsorship.
    The main reason is that cricket is a long game to play and with all the games available to view in mens cricket, it is very difficult for most fans to watch hours of a far inferior standard.

    • Interesting thoughts, although I don’t agree that the standard is that of U15 boys. I think you’re short-changing international women’s cricket, and rating the cricketing abilities of 14-year olds too high. I watched most of the games in the T20 competition and thought the standard of play was better than I had seen 4 years ago, and it keeps getting better. As far as viewing is concerned, a close game still makes a good spectacle. I play 3rd division county cricket in Berkshire and the standard of cricket here is way below what I saw in the Women’s T20 competition. WAY below.
      Maybe you’re just sore that the Aussies beat the Poms?

      • I note your comments to my thoughts and appreciate your views.
        It would be interesting for a match or 2, to take place between the aust womens team and aust boys u15’s.
        this may give some indication of the standard both ways.
        i agree, regardless of the standard, a close game still makes a good spectacle, as it was.
        by the way, i’m an aussie living in sydney, australia.

      • ha ha!! my apologies steve. seems i’ve been away from home too long and mistook you for a pom. shame on me!

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