More funny pics found in my old emails

Remember the mid-2000’s when you received emails from work colleagues throughout the day with subjects like “funny pics”, or “don’t open at work!”. I found a few choice pics and wanted to share them with you.

Having lived in Eastern Europe for over 4 years, i can tell you this is a common sight in the corner stores.

The Twilight Trilogy: Not a fan, never will be.

There’s something about Twilight that makes me sick. Not just “roll my eyes up” sick or “shake my head at the screaming teenagers” sick, but real, hardcore, in-your-face, migraine from hell, “i’m gonna hurl chunks” sick. Some of you will be saying “c’mon Philthy; 5 million screaming girls can’t be wrong.

But they can.
For your considersation, another Philthy view of another movie franchise.

(credit to original posters and uploaders – nothing but respect for your comic wits).

Star Wars part 2… because we ALL need it.

We’ve all seen the fan-made (and non-fan-made) pictures of our favourite movie franchise. So I wanted to give you all a flavour of what’s out there in the world of Star wars merchandise. Special mention to for the inspiration.

First, let’s look at the real Star wars merchandise that’s available…

The Death Star tea-infuser.

Always popular, the ice cube trays

The most awesome-ever Star Wars poster, which has every ship, character (most likely, just the main entourage, not every Jawa/Stormtrooper/Sand person) that has ever appeared in the 6 Star wars films.

For getting closer to your son, the best in “father-son let’s read it together” books. With such classic lines as “this isn’t the toy shop you’re looking for”.

And now the merchandise you can’t get anywhere, but I wish Lucas had gone ahead and produced these items…