Guess what? FB are at it again!

Facebook once again making changes to users profiles without permission and without notification.

All Facebook users have a email address, whether they use them or not – and now, Facebook has automatically posted those addresses to users’ profiles without prior warning.

A timely article on CNN Money by Julianne Pepitone revealing that the brains-trust of FB have again upset users by making public their “facebook email address”. Didn’t know you had one? Well, you do. You all do. But as one clever comments suggests, if you’re going to get FB Spam emails, you’d prefer them to be delivered to an FB email account that you knew nothing about.

But then if you use your FB email address, then get ready for more of those “amazing viagra” offers, and of course, those once in a life time opportunities to help widows of Nigerian royalty launder their billions of dollars.

Typical FB: mess it up then apologise. In this day and age, an apology is the same as “f**k you from FB”.

(credit to the anonymous photographer)

One response to “Guess what? FB are at it again!

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